Empowering Gender Mainstreaming in Ethiopian Roads Administration

DAB Development Research and Training has been working with the Ethiopian Roads Administration (ERA) to implement Priority Action Plans of ERA’s Gender Audit recommendations, funded by the African Development Bank under the Ethiopia Integrated Transport Program Phase I, Jimma – Chida & Sodo-Sawla Road Upgrading Project.

We have developed policies, strategies, guidelines, and action plans, and organized training and capacity-building activities as part of our commitment to the initiative. One of our efforts in capacity development and training was the recent international study tour and workshop held under the theme of “Gender Mainstreaming and Capacity Building.”

From May 2 to May 9, 2023, six staff members of the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA) participated in an international study tour and workshop in Istanbul, Turkey, organized and conducted by Risalat Consultants International. The workshop aimed to bolster participants’ comprehension of gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment, and refine the essential skills required to encourage greater participation of women in social and economic spheres.

A study tour was thoughtfully integrated into the program to provide participants with the opportunity to witness real-world examples of successful gender mainstreaming practices, enhancing the applicability of the knowledge gained during the workshop.

DAB Development Research and Training is proud to be part of this journey alongside the Ethiopian Roads Administration, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable transportation infrastructure in Ethiopia.

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