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Professional Consultancy Services

DAB Development Research & Training (DAB-DRT) is a private development consultancy firm engaged in providing professional consultancy services for public, private and non-governmental institutions in the areas of economic and social developments.  Since 2014, DAB has been engaged in various research and evaluation assignments in multiple areas of development interventions.

Established by distinguished professionals with vast experiences in research, development consultancy, policy communications and higher education teaching, DAB-DRT operates with a clear organizational structure, mission and vision maintaining a permanent staff of highly qualified researchers and associates with expertise in the various disciplines. 

Always Exceeding Expectations

Through its years of existence, DAB has successfully completed several high profile projects for various clients. In delivering the assignments, the company has met the varied and exacting quality expectations of clients; proving its professional competence and trustworthiness. Among the organizations that have over the years entrusted the company with consultancy assignments include the Central Statistical Agency (CSA), Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and National Planning & Development Commission, as well as international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP and UNFPA. 

DAB also completed baseline, midterm and final evaluation assignments for several local and international organizations including Save the Children International, Catholic Relief Service (CRS), GIZ, Action Aid Ethiopia, Oxfam America, SNV, Splash International, Techno Serve Inc, Marie Stopes International Ethiopia, DKT Ethiopia, SOS Sahel, Handicap International, Concern Worldwide, Project Concern International (PCI), and Canadian Embassy. 

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our philosophy

Focus on Quality Results

We understand that evaluations should provide credible and useful evidence to strengthen accountability for development results and contribute to learning processes, and the quality of evaluation and its contribution to development can be reinforced through adoption of latest methodologies and techniques in development research and evaluation.


We approach every client, every new assignment and every challenge that comes with it with our philosophy that excellence is consistently achievable, and we are confident that the professionalism and dedication of our staff and associates, together with our strong partnerships with clients will help us sprint further to our aspired levels of excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the premier and most esteemed professional service provider, celebrated for consistently delivering exceptional services that earn unwavering trust and recognition from our valued clients. Our overarching, long-term goal is to nurture a robust and globally recognized research and training institution, committed to upholding international standards and making significant contributions to the development of countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-tier Consultancy, Research, and Training services, with a primary emphasis on project studies and training initiatives. We are dedicated to serving a diverse array of clients, including the governments of Eastern and Southern African countries, as well as national and international organizations devoted to advancing the development of the region. Our distinctive commitment lies in addressing the unique, context-specific needs of our clients, ensuring tailor-made solutions that align seamlessly with their goals and aspirations.

Why Choose Us?

Broad Experience

Despite our young age in the consultancy business with just over two years of service, we have been commissioned to conduct several high profile consultancy assignments that we have successfully carried out to the full satisfaction of our clients. Our experience is also diversified in a wide range of intervention areas. Choose DAB DRT to take advantage of the unique sets of experience our 15+ employees bring to the table

Reliable Pool of Experts

In addition to our permanent staff of eight-plus dedicated professionals, all with advanced education and research experiences, we also have professional alliances with highly experienced associates in various fields of expertise. Our professional associates are readily available to collaborate with us on any projects, and our reputation enables us to attract new professionals from research and academic institutions.

Commitment to Quality

We never compromise on quality. Projects are not just a business for us; we believe that we have a stake in the success of our client’s development efforts. Therefore, we strive to meet the quality expectations of our clients, learn from the experiences from each assignment, and maintain enduring partnerships. To that end, we work with experienced consultants possessing professional integrity, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to quality research.

Efficiency and Punctuality

At DAB we know that timely delivery is essential for our clients. We function with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine to meet the high standards of our clients while adhering to the set timeline of the projects we undertake. Meticulous planning of activities, competent and dedicated researchers, and experienced data collectors are our significant assets in the effort to maintain a high level of efficiency and timely delivery of projects.

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