Ethiopia’s manufacturing sector is among the key productive sectors of the economy identified under GTP (2010-2015) which was planned to spur economic growth and development because of its immense potential for wealth creation, employment generation and poverty alleviation. The manufacturing sector makes an important contribution to the economy and employs about 173,000 people in 2012/2013.

The main objectives of the manufacturing sector survey were to analyze and determine the status of each manufacturing sector to determine its current performance and constraints, review recent developments of the sectors, examine its potential and develop a manufacturing sector status report for the purpose of advisory and policy advocacy service. The survey covers a range of manufacturing sectors such as Food and Beverage Products Industries, Textiles and Apparel Products Industry, Leather and Leather Products Industry, Wood, Paper and Paper Products Industries, Chemical and Chemical Products Industries, Rubber and Plastic Products Industry and Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products Industry. 

AACCSA conducted the quantitative survey and commissioned DAB DRT to analyze the quantitative data, to conduct an extensive literature review, key informant interview and stakeholder consultation. The survey employed interpretive analysis techniques in order to analyze qualitative data. The interpretation of qualitative data was limited to descriptive narratives in order to complement the quantitative data.